The Crank:  Road trip to the infamous Kingdom Trails at East Burke, Vermont. With eight other riding buddies, rode approximately 120 kilometres over a five day span and camped out at the Burke Mountain Campground.

The Grind:  Trails were in top condition and kept smiles on all of our faces at all times!*  The drive there from the Toronto Area (Canada) was mostly rainy, giving us doubts that the weather would be par on arrival. However, low and behold, once crossing over the US border, out came the sunshine and stayed that way throughout the trip.

I’d have to say, the definite must-rip trails are J-bar, Troll Stroll, Tap n’ Die, Sidewinder and Moose Alley, all in there downhill directions. But then again, pretty much all of the trails were fab! Accommodations were at the Burke Mountain campground. Five nights cost us $150. Split the cost with a bunch of your mates on one site and you can’t go wrong with the price. Overall, Kingdom Trails is a blast. This my fourth year returning and has never disappointed! Kingdom Trails is the perfect destination for any XC and trail mountain bike rider out there!

*One nasty endo left me with three stitches under my left eye. Nothing to smile about but I did anyways not long after. ;)

Ride On!

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